July 31, 2014

Making Abstract Art = A Whole New Being

Beaming, Oil Pastel, 10" x 10"

Many people in my classes and coaching programs say, "I need to connect with myself."


They have chosen making abstract art as a way to release tension, center their being, and restore connection 
between consciousness and unconsciousness.

Diving into a box of colors with canvas or paper at hand, marks appear from an intangible realm.  This out-pouring of intuition abandons the ticker tape of thoughts controlling the mind and allows for deep connection within ourselves.

Returning from the well of "No Words" a critical eye analyzes what has transpired out of the color and marks.
  • What grabs me?
  • What area pleases me least?
  • What clues in the colors and marks do I want to bring forward?
Then it is time to dance between thought and intuition with intentional and spontaneous marks living side by side, moving towards resolution.

The oil pastel above, Beaming, represents letting go of tension, getting centered, and feeling restored by making abstract art.

Contact Marianne to discuss how making abstract art will balance, center, and restore you!


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