July 2, 2014

Making Abstract Art = Mental Yoga

Marianne Mitchell, "Layering Energy", Oil Pastel, 22" x 30", 2014

Sometimes, in order to keep breathing, the left brain has to rest.

Many of us are required to sit for long hours, staring at our computer screens, exercising our fingers and linear brain power. Being the sole person generating my business I am occupied by this combination of activities for a good portion of every day.

Today, gradually but then suddenly my whole being felt suffocated and silently screamed, "NO MORE!"

With oil pastels and paper close at hand, the trusty iPod full of favorite tunes ready to go…
my hand furiously, albeit rhythmically, danced across the paper making random marks that turned into swaths of rich color and layered light. Conscious knowledge of "what it should be" was absent from my creative outburst.

Breathing regulated, energy returned, and equilibrium was restored.

Making Abstract Art is like doing Mental Yoga!

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