December 3, 2013

Abstract Art = The Essence Of

Capturing a place, feeling, thought, woven together through color, value, and composition... 
becomes the essence of an experience.

November 2, 2013

Abstract Art = Having Equilibrium

"Coming Home", Oil Pastel, 22" x 30", 2013

Looking at, or making…
something that's familiar yet unrecognizable communicates with your gut and your mind.

"I don't know why, but something about your work really touches me, and yet it makes sense!"
A comment often spoken when people see my work.

Starting with intuition in "Reckless Abandonment"...

Getting lost in the integration of thinking and non-thinking...

And ending in whole resolution.

 Left: "An Evening", Oil Pastel, 20" x 20", 2013        Right: "Grandeur", Acrylic on Panel, 10' x 11', 2012

The process of making, and looking at
 abstract art touches both your gut and your mind.

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October 7, 2013

Making Abstract Art = Your Story

"The Purple Hour", Oil Pastel, 10" x 10", Marianne Mitchell

Story telling is an art form.

Abstract paintings are visual stories, communicating personal expression while inviting 
imaginations viewing the work to have different perceptions.

Story telling weaves the personal with the universal, illuminating feelings, thoughts and life experiences that can resonate with many.  Yet each interpretation reflects your own story.

"Rushing By", Oil Pastel, 10" x 10", Marianne Mitchell

"Exciting, surprising details and color reminds me of clothesline in Italy; of course another time I may see something completely different. That's why abstract art is so terrific!" 
- Risa Benson, Renowned Fiber Artist

Knowing your own story.

When creating in abstraction, "your story" unveils through your marks, color choices, and shape making.  How you see, feel, think, and move builds form, revealing "you".  Grasping an understanding of your personal expression 
comes through investigation in the practice of making abstract art.

For me, the first step in helping people develop their personal expression is to learn "their story".  What floats their boat, what makes them run the other way, how do they navigate life, why do they want to make art, what are they compelled to express, and what are their obstacles and facilities technically, emotionally, and intellectually.  
I offer safe containment for showing vulnerability and strength - to feel total 
acceptance while being guided on their own creative path.  

"Storm Vista", Oil Pastel, 10" x 10", Marianne Mitchell

"I don't know why, there is something familiar about your work... it is transfixing" 
- Laura Cowperthwaite,  founder of the Thriving Artists Alliance in Denver

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    • Your unique Skills and Techniques
    • Your benefit from small group Artist Summits
    • Your special Artwork Presentation to the world
    • Your need for a Quick Solution in process

" Marianne crosses over multiple boundaries in her art and in teaching.  As a serious art guide she takes her students on journeys they otherwise would never experience.  Working with Marianne transformed me into a more confident, observant artist."
- Nancy Halbert, Professional artist, Philadelphia

"Marianne is an enrichment to the humankind.  Words I use sparingly, and not many I know of.  I am sincere about this!"
- Connie Reschke, Private student, Germany

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Purple Immersion - Whole Artist Mastery Program
the color purple unifies the physical and spiritual in ourselves

Yellow Concentration - Building Skills and Technique
the color yellow fosters our intellectual knowledge

Green Pick-Me-Up - Jump Start your Artist Energy
the color green restores energy and centers our being

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September 8, 2013

Making Abstract Art = KEEN Awareness

Marianne Mitchell, "Ancient Homage", Acrylic on Panel,  30" x 40", 2013

The "universe" absolutely communicates what we need, when we least expect it. 

The key to being aware of these messages is keen observation, which can distill limitless information into one reason.  
This is "connecting the dots". 

"Innovation" equates with success these days and keen observation is essential in connecting the dots visually, intellectually, and emotionally to generate innovation.  From the arts to medicine to law and across the business world, innovative thinking is crucial for advancing all realms of productivity.

When working with people who are interested in delving deeper into their creative expression  and integrating intuition and logic, the first thing I focus on is raising awareness of their surrounding environment through the senses - sight, touch, smell, taste and sound - and how their senses interpret experiences.

color             light              shadow              texture              sound              fragrance              taste 

"I certainly am far more observant today than I was when I first started working with Marianne.  Now, when I take my dog "Pumpkin" to the park I really pay attention to what I am drawn to and why.  Marianne taught me how to use "reckless abandonment" to begin a painting and then investigate and think about where that abandonment might lead me. "

Gerrie Grossman - Psychologist and painter, Monhegan Island Art Retreat, 2012


Information gathered by the senses feeds the "reckless abandonment" or "brainstorming" phase of making an abstract painting, initiating a diagnosis, and forming a strategy.  These intuitive senses are the foundation upon which analytical thinking can build a composition, develop a diagnosis, and create business action.   

Call me crazy, call me imaginative, call me aware!  The day our beloved "Annie-the-Boy-Cat" went to kitty heaven I saw a cloud formation right in my line of vision while bicycling that was "Annie", complete with striped markings, stretched across the sky, from head to toe, in his favorite position.  The other clouds in the sky were very different in character.  I like to think it was a "farewell with love" message, and that instant recognition of this message came from keen awareness. 

The universe absolutely communicates what we need, when we least expect it.

January 22, 2013

Making Abstract Art = Personal Growth and Rejuvenation

Marianne Mitchell, "Synthesis" detail, Oil Pastel, 10" x 10",  created as a "demo" during the
Monhegan Island Maine: Truly Magical  2012 Summer Art Retreat

Over the years I have introduced many people to the making of abstract art.  They are abstract painters in need of guidance, artists interested in exploring the abstract realm, people who have been told "you have no talent" whose urge to make art prevails, and doctors, lawyers, psychologists, engineers, business entrepreneurs and "other" who need to have an artistic practice in their lives.

And, over the years recognition of attaining invaluable life skills through the practice of making abstract art has become apparent, in myself and in my students.
  • Getting in touch with one's intuition 
  • Learning to balance intuitive and logical thinking
  • Employing this balance for problem solving in painting, and in life
  • Taking risks and letting go, knowing what's ahead will be "different" and that's a good thing
  • Leaving self criticism and judgment of others behind

And, then there is the "aahhhhhhhhh" factor!  One's whole being feels delicious joy in the act of creation.  Feeling the power of intuition, reflecting on personal expression, and rejuvenating one's spirit results from making abstract art.  

Intrigued?  Are you asking "why abstract art"?!  

Because making abstract art requires being comfortable in the unknown, feeling pleasure in losing control, enjoying freedom from expectations, honoring your unique-ness, and recognizing the "order" in the "chaos" as you build your painting and bring it to resolution.  Totally immersing yourself in this kind of expression fosters a lightness of being.  It is magic!

Articulating this magic in linear sentences is hard.  

Seeing this magic without experiencing it is challenging.

Make abstract art and you will see and experience this magic. 

Retreat opportunities for you to Create, Reflect, Rejuvenate...

Northern New Mexico: Extraordinary Energy
  • June 16 to June 22, 2013

Monhegan Island Maine: Truly Magical
  • July 27 to August 3, 2013

Thanks for "checking in"...
Hope to see you this summer!

Marianne Mitchell