September 3, 2014

Making Abstract Art = Alchemy

In Trance, Acrylic and oil stick on panel, 12" x 12", 2014,  Marianne Mitchell

Alchemy is about transformation.  And it is a magical process be it in science, art, or personal growth.


A keenly intelligent spirit and newly retired art teacher, Vicki has been spending time getting reacquainted with her own artistic process.  She decided that working in a one on one, in-depth capacity focused on developing her abstract expression was well worth the investment.

The challenge was to find the "voice" connection between the many different mediums she works in - knitting, quilting, painting, collage, drawing, calligraphy - and transform these separate creations into a unified form of expression.

Layers are important to Vicki.  Layers of history, spirit, emotion, geography.  Layers of fabric, yarn, paper, paint.  

How can abstract creation weave together layers of meaning and medium?  

This question instigated long wonderful conversations about the "macro" and "micro" of the cosmos, nature and humanity and how everything is related.  These conversations were the foundation for assignments and instruction that led to Vicki's breakthrough in understanding her particular voice, recognizing what needs to change in a piece during the process of creation, and blending various mediums together to capture the textured layers of her heritage, spirit, and feelings.

" Understanding abstract creation has made me more observant. I see shadows and colors in the landscape differently, seeing abstraction everywhere I go.  The WOW factor is much stronger because of an awareness opening up for me that was closed off before.  I now see the importance of making abstract art and its connection to everything."

Vicki Vitatoe's last day of her artist Mastery Focus program

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