November 2, 2013

Abstract Art = Having Equilibrium

"Coming Home", Oil Pastel, 22" x 30", 2013

Looking at, or making…
something that's familiar yet unrecognizable communicates with your gut and your mind.

"I don't know why, but something about your work really touches me, and yet it makes sense!"
A comment often spoken when people see my work.

Starting with intuition in "Reckless Abandonment"...

Getting lost in the integration of thinking and non-thinking...

And ending in whole resolution.

 Left: "An Evening", Oil Pastel, 20" x 20", 2013        Right: "Grandeur", Acrylic on Panel, 10' x 11', 2012

The process of making, and looking at
 abstract art touches both your gut and your mind.

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