February 4, 2014

Abstract Art = Mind Body Soul

Apparently playing football and making abstract art have something in common!  They both require the mind body and spirit to intersect for winning the game or creating a finished painting.  The commonality ends there.

In making a painting that visually communicates to a person's emotions and intellect, the creative process must incorporate the heart and soul with an intellectual understanding of what is being communicated, while handling the medium in a way that visually captures the emotional and intellectual intention of the painting.

If one of these components is absent then the painting feels incomplete.

Below are four pieces.  I believe three of them are incomplete and one of them has it all!
  • Which one is all about emotion with little analytical thought to it's composition? 
  • Technical marks are too evident in one, making it hard to "feel" the piece. Which one ?
  • Which one has a nice composition and pretty colors but lacks heart?
  • Which one speaks to your heart and mind through seamless handling of tools and medium?



You all might have different opinions than me!  Love to hear your interpretation of each piece.

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