January 6, 2014

Making Abstract Art = Innvovation

Being an abstract artist is being an innovator.  

An abstract painting begins with random marks coming from the heart and mind and through the hand onto the painting surface.  My favorite description of this action is "Reckless Abandonment."  It is the artist's version of brainstorming. Below is my Reckless Abandonment start to a painting.

The first phase of INNOVATION is brainstorming.

These random marks and color yielded a base that gave form to the compositional structure below.  "Composition" is applying "logic" to the core stuff of reckless abandonment.  How can I make sense of this random inner expression coming out?  What shapes and colors communicate the essence I want to share?  This is taking brainstorming information and connecting the dots to form a painting, an idea, plan of action, product, strategy, or whatever comes from the act of creating.

The second phase of INNOVATION is connecting the dots.

"Back to the drawing board."  Sometimes logic, or deadlines, or self-consciousness, can take control of the creative process.  My heart and soul got lost, disappeared, in the above composition.  Some might really like this version of the painting - I did not.  So what you see below is me taking the plunge and covering most of it up through a healthy dose of reckless abandonment action painting.  I had no direction planned in my mark-making.  I just wanted to get back to my "heart and soul." I wanted to integrate my intuition and logic.

The third phase of INNOVATION  is integration.

How do you know when a painting is finished?  A regular question from viewers, students, other artists, and art appreciators.  Well there is my secret checklist that considers the totality of the emotional, intellectual, and physical blend in a painting.  When the checklist is complete, the painting has reached resolution. For me, the painting below has all of the elements on my checklist. 

The last phase of INNOVATION is resolution.

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