May 4, 2011

TEDx Talk . Saturday May 21, 2011

You are invited to come hear some fabulous presentations about all kinds of issues!  

I will be talking about my journey as an abstract artist and how it led me to teaching abstract art to medical students as a way to promote integrative thinking in their practice as doctors.

Integrative Thinking, you say?! 

Integrative Thinking is when intuitive and logical thinking are in balance... your right and left brain "talk" to each other simultaneously whether you are creating a painting, reaching a diagnosis, or making a decision in art, medicine, and in business.

Perplexed?! Come to the TEDx talk! 

If flying across the country to attend the event is out of the question, you will be able to go to the TED archives to learn how making abstract art is one of life's valuable tools to have in your back pocket!