February 25, 2011

Color Drop: Ways of Seeing

 sometimes we catch a view of something and see it changing in minutes...

... and then sometimes we catch dramatic changes in our daily view depending on weather, time of day, and how our emotions dictate what we choose to see...


... this happens in personal expression as well.  Below on the left is a painting made in 2009 when subdued color and uncertainty guided my voice.  The painting on the right is 2011's "re-do" of the same painting through a completely different emotional lens.


February 15, 2011

Color Drop: Light Catching

Catching light and sharing it with others is a mission for me. 
I like to bring the elemental draw to warm color complimented by cool color into the foreground of people's lives. 

Finding light in the dark... comes in handy when life's circumstances yield little light

February 3, 2011

Color Drop: Chronicling a View

The daily changes in one scene are fascinating to me!

We are so affected by the weather... we always talk about the weather first in conversations that ride on the surface as we move through our day.

The light of the day sets the tone...

Sharp Crisp, Cold, Light

Etherial Fog

Iced Quiet

Pale Glow in the Snow

Changing weather brings surprise to our daily routines.  Limitless versions of light cast on everyday scenes makes the everyday scene... not!