September 8, 2013

Making Abstract Art = KEEN Awareness

Marianne Mitchell, "Ancient Homage", Acrylic on Panel,  30" x 40", 2013

The "universe" absolutely communicates what we need, when we least expect it. 

The key to being aware of these messages is keen observation, which can distill limitless information into one reason.  
This is "connecting the dots". 

"Innovation" equates with success these days and keen observation is essential in connecting the dots visually, intellectually, and emotionally to generate innovation.  From the arts to medicine to law and across the business world, innovative thinking is crucial for advancing all realms of productivity.

When working with people who are interested in delving deeper into their creative expression  and integrating intuition and logic, the first thing I focus on is raising awareness of their surrounding environment through the senses - sight, touch, smell, taste and sound - and how their senses interpret experiences.

color             light              shadow              texture              sound              fragrance              taste 

"I certainly am far more observant today than I was when I first started working with Marianne.  Now, when I take my dog "Pumpkin" to the park I really pay attention to what I am drawn to and why.  Marianne taught me how to use "reckless abandonment" to begin a painting and then investigate and think about where that abandonment might lead me. "

Gerrie Grossman - Psychologist and painter, Monhegan Island Art Retreat, 2012


Information gathered by the senses feeds the "reckless abandonment" or "brainstorming" phase of making an abstract painting, initiating a diagnosis, and forming a strategy.  These intuitive senses are the foundation upon which analytical thinking can build a composition, develop a diagnosis, and create business action.   

Call me crazy, call me imaginative, call me aware!  The day our beloved "Annie-the-Boy-Cat" went to kitty heaven I saw a cloud formation right in my line of vision while bicycling that was "Annie", complete with striped markings, stretched across the sky, from head to toe, in his favorite position.  The other clouds in the sky were very different in character.  I like to think it was a "farewell with love" message, and that instant recognition of this message came from keen awareness. 

The universe absolutely communicates what we need, when we least expect it.