September 25, 2011

Painting day 5: Refinement

Taking a good long look at the painting at this point...  
Is it telling a story yet?  
Is it hard for me to take my eyes away from it because I like looking at it so much?  

These are hard questions to answer honestly to yourself.  It is both an intellectual answer and intuitive answer.  In other words does the composition flow, are the shapes working together, and does the composition and color order of the painting transport me to an emotional place that is without words?

Examining the organization of color and shape on right side of the painting...

Adding a yellow line to bring balance and changing the color of the diagonal shape at the bottom right...

 These changes were not the answer!  Instead, I extended the line of the 
large dark shape down to the bottom of the painting and lightened the value, 
making it more substantial to hold the top strength of the painting. 

More refinement.  
Something does not feel right about the junctures on the right, though there is strength in it's new compositional simplicity. So after more looking, and getting another trusted pair of eyes to look, I extend the blue vertical line beyond the shape with the darkest value in the middle of the painting. The line is more diagonal, creating stronger tension within the composition, stretching your eye to look at both sides of the painting.  
It "works" in a way now that "feels" right.  

Reflection time.  
Is it "there" yet?
I will know in a while...

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