June 1, 2014

Making Abstract = Possibilites

What does the word "possibilities" mean to you?

These are some thoughts that come to mind...
Dreaming of
Choices galore
Activating imagination
Yet to be finished

Making abstract art offers an open-ended path, where dreams can be expressed figuratively and literally, with unlimited choices activating the imagination and expression remaining unfinished until it is "finished."

For me, the work above remains unfinished.  Why?
  • The "story" it has begun to tell needs refining
  • It has yet to have enough "resting" places within the work
  • Heart and mind need contemplation to spawn possibilities
Look closely…
What areas do you see possibilities for changing color, composition, value, line, essence?

This piece, "On the Way" will be in an invitational exhibition titled "Unfinished" sponsored by the Art Students League Denver at the Pattern Shop Studio gallery opening June 20, 2014