January 24, 2011

Color Drop: The work of Art

"Prelude to Lemon Fog"

Art can teach you to let go of what you love for the sake of the greater good

 It is clear to me that ART, is an enormous agent of change.  It is visual sustenance for our souls.  Someone once told me if they were in the market for condo living they would want to live here to see this painting everyday.  That was a powerful thing for me to hear!  The practice of making art is energy that brings balance to our world.  Intuitive, emotional thinking integrated with logical, linear thought... as opposed to logical, linear thought ruling the world.  Nature teaches us about attaining harmony in the balance of opposites.  We need ART to help balance this world now more than ever as ours is a global society, unless we annex the moon as our new suburb!

"Lemon Fog", gracing the wall of Wellington Place, a residential development by the Hankin Group

January 18, 2011

Color Drop: Appreciation

January  15  2011

 A friend mentioned to me that my "take" on winter light through these photographs made dreaming of sun-kissed lands only an occasional occurrence!  Observing the winter light balances the desire to hide 
inside for 3 months... 

January   12   2011

January 10, 2011

Color Drop: Beginning 2011

"January Morning"

This winter has given us breathtaking skies both in the morning and in the evening.   The colors and light in the sky and surrounding scene make the dark days starkly beautiful.  When winter is gray for two months with no sun or snow, the mood matches the colors... ever notice this?   Look around at the colors surrounding you.... does it make a difference in your mood when they are light-filled?

I am working on capturing this luminous winter light in oil pastels.  Quite a different experience capturing this light in photographs as opposed to making it with your own hand and eye.  It feels more a part of me when I am "Making" color light, yet it it often not what I saw.  A different beauty....